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Hello Tarvernators!

Katelyn has resurfaced and she will be releasing new music this week! We are so excited to share that with you!

Katelyn is officially Facebook Verified!!
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Sorry, the updates are lacking. I moved over Christmas break and started a new job. Katelyn hasn’t been busy which makes updating hard. We appreciate your love & support. We will update as soon as we can.

-KTO Staff

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Dead On Campus premieres tonight!! Tune in and show Katelyn some love!

Katelyn recently did an interview with Sammi from TVGrapevine

Katelyn Tarver is best known for her roles on Secret Life Of The American Teenager and Big Time Rush. She is now starring in thew new movie Dead On Campus, which premieres this weekend on Lifetime. To celebrate, TVGrapevine has an exclusive interview with the star.

Sammi: Tell me a bit about yourself and how your career got started.

Katelyn: I always loved performing. In 2003, I was on a show called American Juniors which was basically American Idol for kids. I had a blast on that show, and it sparked a love of singing and performing that I knew wasn’t going away… I performed as a singer throughout high school, then moved to LA in 2009 and decided to give acting a try as well. I got cast on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and have continued to get various roles and continued to make music since then.

Sammi: What would you say is the standout moment in your career so far.

Katelyn: I’ve had so many fun, memorable moments in my career so far it’s hard to choose just one! Some that stand out are headlining a show at the Roxy, going on tour, playing Jo on Big Time Rush, and finishing my new album earlier this year (hoping to release it in 2015!)

Sammi: Many fans remember you from your roles on Secret Life Of The American Teenager and Big Time Rush. Tell us about those roles. Which character do you relate to most and why?

Katelyn: Well, I played an actress on BTR so it was easy to connect with that role! Haha. Big Time Rush was just a fun show to work on because it was so goofy all the time. I got thrown in the pool, filmed with a llama, multiple pies in the face….. I could go on and on. Such a blast. On Secret Life, the show and character was a little more serious which was fun in a different way. I feel like I’m naturally a lighthearted person, but I also have a serious side that I got to explore a little more while playing Mercedes.

You can read the rest of Katelyn’s interview at

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Dead on Campus is set to premiere November 8th on Lifetime.

When the incident goes horribly wrong and results in a death, the co-ed is torn between her values and her loyalty to the sorority not to mention her complicity in the death in “Dead on Campus,” a World Premiere, Saturday, November 8 (8pm ET/PT, 7C) on Lifetime. “Dead on Campus” stars Katelyn Tarver (“Big Time Rush”), Tamara Duarte (“DeGrassi: The Next Generation”) and Nicki Aycox (“Dark Blue”, “Supernatural”) along with Noam Jenkins (“Covert Affairs”) in this suspense-filled thriller.


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We’ve added icons to our Icon Archive. You can use them on forums and journals. Please credit us if you’re going to use them.

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As promised we’ve added more screencaps of Katelyn from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In case you forgot, this episode is about:

Amy and Ricky struggle with the decision to pretend to be married. Ben visits Adrian’s dad for help with his situation. Meanwhile Ann, Nora, Ricky’s parents and Lauren and Madison are planning a wedding party for Amy and Ricky.

Enjoy these pictures, we will add more as soon as we can.

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We’ve added screen caps of Katelyn from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She is in the last episode of season 4 and in the first few in season 5. We are also working on screen caps of Katelyn from Big Time Rush we will upload them as soon as we can.

Season 4: The Text Best Thing

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Season 5: I Do and I Don’t

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We are in love our new look. It’s been a while since we’ve updated, so when we decided to revamp the site, We decided to update our look, we used The Giving Key photo shoot from 2013 featuring both Katelyn and Paris. Paris Carney is one of Katelyn’s best friends and we here at KTO love her as much as we love Katelyn. You can check out Paris’ music here! Our photo gallery has a new look too. If you’ve been to our Facebook page or our Twitter page (which we hope you have we will be running a contest from there soon) you will see that we have new themes there too.

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Our new look is designed by the super talented Claudiu at Californication

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Gallery layout designed by Rossi at Tinsel Dreams

If you love their work as much as we do, go visit their sites and order from them :)

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Here is Katelyn’s movie Mayhem, it was released summer of 2013, It wasn’t a full length movie but a short. Screencaps coming soon.


An extremely wealthy family is terrorized by a group of self proclaimed vigilante killers fed up with the elitism of the upper class. On his last night working for the Fulbright family, Reed Price is faced with a choice when attackers invade the home. Save his beloved fiance’ or defend the family he’s sworn to protect. The “Mayhem” that ensues brings to the surface the characteristics of both the Fulbright family and Reed himself.

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Here are some pictures Katelyn posted, or photos she was tagged in, on Twitter

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